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This application form must be completed by the person applying for the Players Agent s Licence to be issued by the South African Football Association SAFA. South African Football Association Personal History Disclosure Application Form for a Player s Agent Licence APPLICATION FOR A PLAYERS AGENT LICENCE Full name of applicant Date of completion of form SAFA Licence All correspondence to be addressed to The Chief Executive Officer P O Box 910 JOHANNESBURG Republic of South Africa Telephone...
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The primary purpose of a registered agent if there's any type of legal action taken against the entity itself and what I mean by legal action that would be service a process that would be received by the registered agent within that state and then the registered agents responsibility is to for that on to the principal office address that would be set up for the client a good registration provider would immediately forward that material to the client because that is time sensitive material not only that they'll they should immediately notify the client via telephone or email regarding this material that was received very very time sensitive material and it's critical that that is immediately forwarded on to the red or to the client once that's been received additionally regarding any type of notifications related to annual report filings or biennial filings that is very important to be able to notify the client when those are due because that assures and maintains their good standing status within that state you can be your own registered agent this information regarding your name and your mailing address is going to be listed at the state website okay that is public information that is viewable for the public just by clicking on to the state website typing in the company name and pulling that up the primary purpose of registered agent representation there's any type of legal action taken against the entity any type of service of process then that is delivered to the registered agent well a commercial registered agent provider will be there at all hours of the day if it's received by the employee are they going to for that on immediately will they even know what it is they may think it's something related to insurance they may send it to the human resources department they don't know where it's supposed to go commercial registered agent provider will provide that service and they're not going to go on vacation they're not going to be out of the office for lunch what you'll be looking for in a registered agent provider is one that can provide service in all 50 states along with the District of Columbia not only that though they must provide a physical location within that jurisdiction that you're needing to do business in it's kind of awkward to think about but when you are domesticated in your home state and you do business outside of that state in another state you're considered a foreign entity your domestic it in your home state but yet you're considered foreign in another state and then if you do business outside of the country then you're considered an alien entity you
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